Paint the Barn Red

The “Paint the Barn Red” project is a collaborative effort to document rural culture through paintings and stories of the old, disappearing barns in Mountain View County.

Not all barns are red, but they have a story!

This goal of this non-profit project is to create a high quality, hard cover, historical coffee table book with 40 original barn paintings, and additional pages for photographs and stories. We hope that capturing each barn’s history will help engage and educate the community on our rural culture and history, as well as promote tourism and the arts.

Who We Are:

  • We are made up of artist, farmers, writers, former County Councillors and Carstairs Historical Members
  • Anyone with a passion about this project and/or knowledge about old barns in the county are welcome! (Please contact Gwen)

Project Mission:

  • To preserve imagery and stories of Barns in Mountain View County
  • To educate and engage the community
  • To engage barn owners
  • To engage artists and promote the arts
  • To explore promotional opportunities such as a travelling art show, creating a barn touring map

Book Contents:

  • We hope to have a variety of styles and types of barns submitted by barn owners or other residents from all areas of Mountain View County
  • Selected barn submissions will be matched with juried artists
  • Artists will have 18 months to complete one or several paintings of the barn (only the best painting of each barn will be used)
  • Each barn will be accompanied by a 400-word story about (our committee is available to help)

Publication and Distribution:

  • 640 books to be published ($25/each)
  • 320 books to be given to local schools and libraries, as well as project participants
  • 320 books to be given to county museums to sell for their own profit

For more information or if you would like to participate: